Mangrove Institute offers Diploma in Engineering program in 14 departments. According to Bangladesh National Qualification, Diploma in Engineering is a level-6 qualification in the technical education sector that requires four years to complete the degree after a secondary school certificate. Diploma engineers need 14 years of total schooling since the commencement of formal education.

Exam and Certification

All private and government polytechnic institutes operate under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). All exams and evaluations take place following universal policy and process. Several evaluation methods include formative and summative (Semester Final) assessments for both theoretical subjects and practical works. Also, sessional writing, lab report writing, class tests, and quiz tests are clustered evaluation methods that would be accumulated to calculate the final CGPA. BTEB will finally issue certificates and transcripts, and the value for both public and private colleges is equal.

Grading System

Sample Certificate