Breif History

The largest mangrove forest in the Khulna division influenced the naming of the Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology. Plants of mangrove forests can sustain adverse natural situations and protect the country from catastrophic natural disasters. Likewise, the institute has the vision to sustain and strengthen its students for survival. The institute’s logo has a natural green colour composition with a globe that symbolises the global orientation of the institute. 

The institute obtained its first approval from the Bangladesh Technical Education Board on 26 June 2005. Initially, the institute started functioning with two departments (Computer and Electronics) and 53 students on a temporary campus. The institute had a clear vision and strategic plan that resulted in an excellent performance, and it could move to a permanent campus in March 2009 within four years of establishment. Currently, the institute has multiple high-rise buildings with a space of 65000 square feet. It has a state-of-the-art state infrastructure and an automated operation management system that makes the education and training process smooth and effective. The institute can accommodate 1000 residential students coming from 64 districts of the country. 

Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology offers a broad range of diploma engineering programs and short-term technical and vocational training under 15 departments. Since the establishment of the institute, 4500 students have graduated, and currently, 2600 students are continuing their education.

Mangrove institute has substantial numbers of highly qualified teachers and supporting staff. There are 32 well-equipped modern laboratories and workshops to ensure practical learning. Mangrove Institute has organised a unique concept to extend its lab ad workshop on a large scale with mass production capacity to sell goods and services produced by the students and teachers. 

The institute combines technical and soft skills to empower the students with emerging skill sets demanded by the 21st-century job market. Mangrove institute also focuses on discipline and character building through extracurricular activities and versatile innovative approaches. 

Vision Statement

Being the country's leading technical and vocational education provider by ensuring life-changing education.


Enable affordable and high-quality technical and engineering education for students from all over the globe, regardless of their background.


Always open to embracing changes, think innovative and work with agility.